Welcome to my Virtual Home...

Welcome to my Victorian Creations Home Studio. It's wonderful of you to spend some time visiting. My name is Janet Devlin, otherwise known an MOG to those who know me best.

The treasures I hold closest to m heart are the friends I've made on this path with Decorative Art. Most recently I'm patinting in oils again because the toxic mediums offered now are something I can use without causing health issues. I'm very fortunate to have so many friends around the world who I can exchange letters or E-mails, pop in at my home when they're in Calgary, phone me from far away places or I phone them. Please take some time to explore my Victorian Creations website. I hope you find old and new friends arealways welcome. Please take time to sign my Guestbook or E-mail me.

Tea Set

~ Fire Screen - Painted by Janet Devlin ~