Art Lessons by John Hagan

This newly released DVD runs for 80 minutes and films John Hagan painting a 84" x 52" historical landscape with figures from beginning to end. You can observe color mixing and all critical stages in the production of the work. John explains the process both with occasional comments and voice over tracks.

This new DVD is now available at $45 plus posting.
It is also available in both NSTC format for the US and Canada as well as PAL for UK, Europe Australia and elsewhere.

There is also a CD of all our drawing, painting' and advanced painting lessons. This CD is an an updated, reformatted for easy printing version so you can create you own reference handbook in your own time or just browse the CD. The printed files are in pdf format ... but don't despair, you can download the free 'reader' so there should be no difficulty for those who want to print to a work book to store the lessons as hard copy. Teachers will also be able to print the specific lesson or lesson plan they need, when they need it. Since the release of the last CD 15 more lessons have been added and others updated. The Parkhurst Reference Book, Watercolor lessons by David Hagan and a section on Computers and Painting have also been included. Other and better forms of printing have also been formulated.

DVD Painting Lesson Movie

Combined CD and DVD

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